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All classes are always open for quality applicants. We are recruiting for Heroics. This means that all applicants should be ready (gear and experience) for that content.

All applications are private. Your posts will only be seen by yourself and active guild members (its why the forum looks empty to you). As a security measure (meaning our GM is too lazy to figure out how to code around it), the index page won't show a summary for this forum for you so please make sure to click into it.

To apply, copy the questions below and answer them in a new post in this forum. Brief concise answers are good here - most of the details will be handled in a mumble interview. This is just meant to distinguish yourself from the lucky SOB who filled in as the 10th in a guild pug to get achievements, won all the drops and now thinks he can do heroics. Anything more than a paragraph is too much - we don't want you wasting your time.

Additionally, as many have missed this step lately, make your forum account before you post the app.

Application Format

Name/Class/Spec as the subject (note: We don't allow non-ascii characters in the name, you'll need to change when you transfer)

1. Mumble Interviews are available from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM Mon-Thurs and at reasonable times on the weekend. Please pick a time that works for you and the bulk of the application will be done there.

2. Please give a link to your WoW armory (no 3rd party sites) and log out in your main spec and gear. Please briefly describe what other raiding specs you have available (gear, skill and desire)?

3. Post a WOL or equivalent (yes - even healers and tanks)

4. Give a brief blurb describing why you're ready for progression heroic raiding. This doesn't need to be a detailed answer, listing previous heroic progression is sufficient.

5. What made you leave your previous guilds?

6. You'll be expected to transfer over the first reset after being accepted, have an authenticator and make our raid times, 7:30-11:30 PM Server Tues-Thurs(Pacific time Zone). Just mention something obvious here as we've had people miss these bits in the past so don't want any surprises.

7. Provide us with a screenshot of your UI.

8. If you've got anything extra you want to add, feel free to do so here.

Thanks very much for applying to us. We'll have a response on the mumble interview time and an initial response within a day. We'll then have a final response on the mumble interview within a day of it.


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