» Recruiting for WoD! Selling all the things!


Roadrunners for hire! Offering Heroic Achieves and Gear.

Heroic SoO

13/14H: 250k
Heroic Garrosh + mount: 250k
Full Clear + mount: 400k

**Please Read Notes**
-Achievements and sales are scheduled for Roadrunners raid time. 7:30-11:30 Server, Tuesday/Wednesday

-All gold will be exchanged at the start of the raid : If for some reason the run is not completed / we cannot work out a reschedule date the gold will be given back to you; there is a 10% down payment required to reserve your spot.

-During the run you are responsible for yourself. You may participate in the raid and we will give you a quick run down of the fights. If you choose to be alive during the pulls you will need to be in mumble with the raid; if you choose to just run into lava and just die mumble is not required.

-During the run you are responsible for letting the Loot Master know which items you need. Most of this loot is disenchanted very quickly after the pull so please speak up and warn us if you need something. Some Heroic Warforged gear is still needed and will be going to raiders, please inquire for specific items.

We Always Recruiting!

Current needs are
Warlock - DD
Priest - Shadow
Mage - DD
Shaman - Resto
Monk - Resto/DD

Posted by Puna on Wed Jul 09, 2014 2:04 pm    15 comments

» Neeeerrrrdddd Sccreeeaeaaaammmms


380ish pulls later, the Warchief is no more. Garrosh is dead and it's time to relax, farm, sell and enjoy a well deserved break until WoD.

We are recruiting in full force until WoD.


Posted by Puna on Thu Mar 27, 2014 4:51 am    14 comments

» Bugs get squished, Free webcam shows for apps.


Heroic Paragon's Have fallen and we push to on to Mists final challenge, Tardosh..the Tard. Paragons was truly a fantastic fight: bullet hell, shit flying everywhere, Korvin punching random melee, Bloods changing targets, and whatever that bugs name who does whirling and runs around. whatever. Bug's are dead. Tier is almost done


Roadrunners is recruiting, hpally, mistbeaver, most range, ranael, yamelit, and competitive raiders as we close out the tier. We are looking for people who want to push hard into WoD, and beyond.

Posted by Puna on Sat Feb 08, 2014 3:27 am    10 comments

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